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Brief introduction of process technology of stainless steel smelting

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So there are many excellent performance, beautiful appearance, long service life,can be 100% recycled, it can be widely applied.

Process technology of stainless steel smelting progress, especially in twentieth Century after 60 years, the use of refining and continuous casting technology, to further promote the rapid development of stainless steel, the stainless steel to improve quality, increase yield, reduce the production cost.

China began production of stainless steel in twentieth Century 50 in the early 1980s, when using 3T electric arc furnace smelting, refining and continuous castingno equipment, the annual output of only hundreds of tons to thousands of tons,quality, variety and the cost can not meet the requirements of. In twentieth Century 80 years, Taiyuan's Steel Corp and Steel Research Institute and other units in thedevelopment of AOD refining technology in China outside furnace. Subsequently,the special steel plant has accounted for the installation of 18-40tAOD and 15-60tVOD refining equipment, refining ratio was improved. Before 1985, Chinesestainless steel ingot has been using backward mould casting. The 1280 vertical casting machine was put into production in 1985, the three plant, Chongqing special steel and steel plant five in succession a slab, billet continuous casting machine casting production. In 1989, Chengdu seamless steel tube plant stainless steel billets of horizontal continuous casting machine is put into operation, the end of our stainless steel ingot by die casting history. But because of various reasons,Chinese stainless steel production has been hovering around 300000 of T,advances in technology of stainless steel smelting slow, seriously restricted thedevelopment of Chinese stainless steel. Since 2000, the state adjusted to the steel industry structure, and adopted a series of policies and measures to encouragedevelopment of stainless steel industry, the China stainless steel production to achieve leapfrog development, growth in 1999 from 350000 t to 1778000 t in 2003,an average annual growth rate of about 50%, become world famous manufacturersof fourth stainless steel producing countries.

Development of AOD furnace equipment and technology

AOD furnace is the main equipment for stainless steel refining, the world currently has about 1-175tAOD furnace 155 units, of which 1/2 in stainless steel factory, the rest of the casting factory. AOD refining process of stainless steel productionaccounted for more than 80% of world stainless steel.

China first 18tAOD furnace since 1983 has been put into operation in September,there are about 1-40tAOD furnace more than 20 seats, of which more than 18tAOD furnace 8 sets (including 3x40t, 1x40t, 1x30t, Dalian Pudong steel plant five1x18t, the Great Wall 118t and Yi Tatsu lx18t etc.). In 2004, 120tAOD furnace steel plant five 60tAOD furnace and a steel plant that Chinese AOD furnace equipmentlevel has been improved significantly.

TISCO is the earliest use of Chinese production of stainless steel AOD furnace business, the AOD furnace has been accumulated in production of stainless steelabout 2000000 T, accumulated a lot of experience. In order to further expand production capacity, TISCO implementation of two technical transformation of 18tAOD furnace. After the first transformation, AOD furnace is extended from 18t to40t, the production capacity increased from 160000 t to 400000 t. The implementation of the second reform in 2004, furnace capacity further to 45t,adding oxygen top blowing gun, shorten the smelting time; the introduction of VAIexpert automation control system, improve the smelting control accuracy; reduce ammonia consumption, increase the capacity of the dust cleaning fan, improved quality of the environment. After two times of transformation, TISCO AOD furnaceequipment level has reached the international advanced level. In addition, TISCOalso plans to implement the environmental protection project of yen loans, the 6 seat 18t steel furnace will be transformed into a 90t ultra high power electric furnace steel, it not only eliminates the production bottleneck steel slow speed, theproduction capacity will be further increased to 500000 T, greatly improving thequality of the environment, to achieve cleaner production of real the.

In recent years, the operation technology Chinese AOD production achieved remarkable results, the main progress as follows:

(1) the life of furnace lining to improve

Lining service life of AOD furnace is the main technical and economic index of AOD production technology research, after many years, especially in the improvementprocess (e.g., reducing silicon content, the tapping of the improved AOD slagsystem, decarbonization phase basicity is increased from 0.5 to 1, reduction andalkalinity increased from 0.8-1.0 to 2.0-3.5 and the use of high quality refractorymaterial improving furnace technology has done a lot of work, life of AOD lininggenerally higher. The lining life of TISCO AOD an average of 110 times, 130 timesthe highest average life expectancy, use of TISCO self-produced refractory material up to 92 times.

(2) improved desulfurization process

Chinese AOD furnace mostly adopts single slag smelting process. In order to reduce the content of S in steel, the removal of S, slag basicity in about 2.5 in the control of refining ladle, add SiCa, by tapping a strong agitation desulphurization,the residual amount of calcium in steel. Improvement of AOD technology, the desulfurization rate of above 70%. At present, TISCO stainless steel sulfur content below 0.005%, the average 0.0034%.

(3) N containing stainless steel smelting

Nitrogen alloying of N stainless steel in two ways: one is alloyed with manganese nitride, chromium nitride alloy, two with nitrogen direct alloying, which has lowproduction cost. AOD furnace can use nitrogen direct alloying of stainless steel smelting, therefore, has a great advantage. Removal of dissolved, theory of 18tand 40tAOD furnace in TISCO in the application of nitrogen

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