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The reason and the solution found difficult process of stainless steel

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Stainless steel processing factory have the same feeling: stainless steel is difficult to machine. In fact, the more of the following reasons:

1: processing hardness in tool wear quickly, and it is difficult to chip.

2: low thermal conductivity caused by plastic deformation and tool wear fastercutting edge.

3: bue is easy to cause the emblem small crumbs in cutting edge, and cause adverse surface.

4: the relationship between the tool and the chemical materials to be processeddue to work hardening and the processed material of low thermal conductivity, not only easy to cause wear unusual, and tool tipping and abnormal rupture.

The existing solutions to the above problem of machining:

A: use the tool with high thermal conductivity,

B: cutting edge sharp: chip breaking groove edge band is wide, can reduce the cutting pressure, so that we can better control the chip.

C: the optimum cutting conditions: processing conditions are not appropriate will reduce the service life of the cutter.

D: select the appropriate tool: stainless steel tool should have very goodtoughness, adhesion strength of coating film and cutting edge is relatively high.

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