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Science ironmaking should pay attention to what point?

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At present, China's steel production capacity has reached 11 tons, in excess ofabout 3 tons, production capacity utilization rate of 76%, Shang Youyi batch to beeliminated ironmaking backward production equipment. The country puts forward to want to strictly control steel production capacity growth, but also increase thestrength to solve the excess capacity. Iron and steel enterprises in the past is theproduction efficiency, and is now entered the era of low profit, some enterprises even at a loss, the higher the output loss more. Therefore, iron making enterprisesshould not be in pursuit of yield, and should promote the optimization of productionindex, to promote energy-saving emission reduction, to achieve maximum benefit.

Ironmaking industry in China faces multiple constraints

At present, seriously restricted the development of China's steel industry isresource, energy, environment. The state environmental protection standardspublished has world level, enterprise to conduct business in accordance with the new standards of environmental protection, the cost per ton increased by about 100 yuan, and now the iron and steel enterprise is the profit.

The steel industry accounts for about 16% of total national energy consumption of ironmaking system of iron and steel production, which accounts for about 70% of total energy consumption, pollutant emissions accounted for about 90%,accounting for about 75% of the cost of. The total control target of energy, but also improves the energy consumption standards for admittance into blast furnace ironmaking process. Therefore, ironmaking system to complete the task of energy saving and emission reduction, lower production costs, environmental friendlyproduction process.

In recent years, decline of ironmaking raw fuel quality, composition fluctuations,increased the content of harmful impurities, blast furnace production instability,deteriorating economic and technical index. Change management ideas, pay attention to scientific development, optimizing burden structure, to reduce production cost, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises has become a pressing matter of the moment iron making enterprises. This will require the enterprises to respect the principle of metallurgy, eliminate the science ironmaking,optimization of ironmaking, and obtain the optimal index and efficiency.

The scientific focus on operating concept and operation technique

Changes in the operation of ideas, not the pursuit of yield, to realize low cost, profit maximization. At present, a number of small and medium-sized blast furnaceoperation with large volume, high smelting intensity to achieve high yield, the fuelratio rises.

The science of blast furnace operation policy is obtained by reducing fuel ratio by coefficient at. Blast furnace smelting intensity in 1.2t/m3 · D. Above this value, the yield of the blast furnace will increase, but the fuel ratio increases, the cost will increase. Some small and medium-sized blast furnace with large volume, highsmelting intensity to achieve high utilization factor, is not the correct operational guidelines. Tons of iron wind consumption high, fuel ratio is high, also caused the high energy consumption of ironmaking process. Therefore, the secondarysmelting intensity can obtain the best indexes of ironmaking.

Optimization of BF burden structure, improve the pellet ratio. Improve the pellet ratio, can effectively improve the blast into the furnace iron grade, promote theironmaking production increasing and coke saving. Pellet sintering process energy consumption process than low 1/3, improve the pellet ratio, can effectively reduce the energy consumption of ironmaking system. Less production of sinter, can reduce the emissions of pollutants and environmental governance costs. Improve the pellet ratio, is the direction of development of ironmaking technology in china.

Imported pellet and pellet production using concentrate powder is expensive, is the main reason for China's iron pellet ratio decrease. According to statistics,concentrate powder produced in China is approximately half are suitable for the production of pellets. Enterprises should be combined with their own conditions, thestrike group ratio for best, how much production of neutrophil to pellets, blast furnace operation to adapt to the high ratio of pellet adjustment.

The blast furnace is central coke charging, depending on the quality of raw material and the level of blast furnace operation. The purpose of central coke charging of blast furnace is to adjust the gas flow distribution (the implementation burdencenter has a gas channel, no deadman), promote the smooth operation of BF, high yield. Baosteel central coke is not implemented, because the original fuel qualityBaosteel is better, burden permeability good, can be used in gas flow uniformdistribution and high gas utilization rate, low fuel ratio. Therefore, whether thecenter coke, depends on the enterprise's own level of the original fuel quality andblast furnace operation. Central coke charging operation will make the fuel ratio increased, gas utilization rate of decline is mainly caused by.

Pay attention to charge the harmful side effects of impurities on blast furnace. At present, some enterprises to reduce procurement costs, the purchase of low gradelow-grade ore, this approach is not science. Especially some low-priced ore harmful impurity content is high, significantly more than the "standard" design for blast furnace ironmaking technology standards, have a greater side effects on the blast furnace production stability and longevity, but the loss of production enterprises.

Each enterprise should make allowance standard iron impurity charge, by calculating the quality standards stipulated procurement staff to allow the procurement of iron ore. Scientific evaluation of iron ore, ore matching optimization,calculation technology economy and meticulous, moderate purchase low-grade ore(poor quality control in general 20%~30%). The use of less than 50% grade iron ore ironmaking process energy consumption, not up to the standards for energy consumption limits set by the state, emissions of pollutants is high. Advocate the use of low-cost limonite, had little effect on BF, and the effect of reducing cost.

Efforts to improve the

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