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The deformation behavior of a new micro alloyed high strength steel C-Mn-Al heat

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In order to save energy Protect environment, there is an urgent need to develophigh strength and high ductility steel, TRIP steel. Conventional TRIP steel with highsilicon content in order to form a carburized inhibition of cooling process in order to increase the stability and the amount of residual austenite. However, the high silicon content may make the steel defects, such as surface properties of oxide layer, hard, poor and low coating ability. Therefore, people began to study the high performance steel aluminum part or all of the replacement of silicon.

Researchers at University of Science and Technology Beijing in the uniaxial compression test by Gleeble-1500 thermal simulation, studied a containing 1.79% Al (mass fraction) with Al instead of Si microalloyed high strength steel in thetemperature of 900 ~ 1100 ℃, strain rate of 0.01 ~ 30s-1 under the condition ofhot deformation behavior. A hyperbolic sine constitutive equation of material constants should influence variables considered, using the established constitutiveequation to predict the stress-strain curves agree well with the experimental values,show that the rheological constitutive equation are established for the experimental steel is relatively accurate prediction. A processing diagram of experimental steel,according to the processing map analysis to identify the dynamic recrystallization of steel is 1000 ~ 1100 ℃ and 0.01 ~ 1s-1. Histological observation showed that thedynamic recrystallization zone experimental steel undergone dynamic recrystallization, and the unstable region corresponding to the organization to appear the deformation concentration belt or "necklace" structure. The combined use of constitutive equations and processing map will eventually established, which provides a method for a more comprehensive study of the experimental steel under different deformation conditions of thermal deformation behavior.

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