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Preparation and mechanical properties of AISI304 stainless steel surface layer Fe3Si silicide

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AISI304 austenitic stainless steel (domestic brands of 0Cr18Ni9) has excellent corrosion resistant performance and has been widely used, but because of low carbon to be hardening. Fe3Si intermetallic compound has high strength and hardness. However, the brittleness problem of Fe3Si has always been a seriousobstacle to their wide application. Silicon infiltration method to generate a layer of Fe3Si type transition metal silicide layer can avoid the brittleness of Fe3Si on the surface of AISI304 stainless steel by molten salt, raise nominal AISI304 stainless steel yield strength, expand its application areas. Molten salt method for siliconizingtemperature at 1050 ℃, according to the research results of other scholars, NaCl ∶ KCl ∶ NaF=2 ∶ 2 ∶ 1 system has a liquidus temperature minimum, the average value of 587.6 degrees. In this paper, through the selection of molten salt system low melting at 800 ℃ for AISI304 austenitic stainless steel siliconizing, and the axial tensile mechanical properties of samples after preliminary analysis of silicon infiltration.

The experimental materials for continuous casting of 0Cr18Ni9 austenitic stainless steel in domestic production of a certain iron and steel group. The specimen usingelectric spark cutting machining, surface through metallographic sandpaper afterwashed by anhydrous ethanol, after drying spare. Neutral salt penetration ratio of each component in the massage silicon agent for 36%NaCl, 36%KCl, 18%NaF,8%Na2SiF6, 2%Si ratio of mixed evenly, into the alumina crucible heated to 800 melting, stainless steel and then prepared into the molten salt bath and will cutgood quartz tube (SiO2) is extended into the bottom of the crucible, one end is exposed outside, air cooling to room temperature after 5h, with residual salt water wash away the surface.

With AISI304 as matrix, the halide mixed system at 800 ℃ molten salt heat preservation in 5h silicon infiltration, are rich in Cr, Ni elements in Fe3Siintermetallic based infiltrated layer, layer of dense tissue. Penetration beam post silicon to tensile fracture, the silicide surface layer is brittle fracture, stainless steelinner toughness. AISI304 stainless steel siliconizing, the nominal yield stress is obviously improved.

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