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Steel prices continued to slump steel trade industry non-performing loans concentrated outbreak

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A few years ago, the rapid development of the real estate industry, make the steel trading industry in internet mutual financing mode of rapid expansion. More than 8engaged in steel trade industry in Shanghai Fujian Zhouning, also became thebanks xiangbobo. However, with the cooling of the real estate market, steel production capacity surplus, steel prices continue to slump, the steel trade industryof non-performing loans concentrated outbreak.

Shanghai Pudong New Area court last year to accept the steel trade loan issue 2500, the amount of 19000000000 yuan. And the first quarter of this year the hospital to steel trade loan procedure in 1051 cases, involving up to 11400000000 yuan. Fujian Zhouning Ji steel trading business by banks generally debt.

But the bank intensive dunning, also let the bank itself into a prisoner's dilemma.Zhou Ji steel trading business in order to repay bank loans, credit card debt forced through the brush. Zhou Ning chamber of Commerce insiders had previously said,Zhou Ninggang trade because the credit card is wanted, the number of hundreds of people detained. And the steel trade loan bank not plug the loopholes, the credit card business and to fall into a trap.

According to reports, the steel trade loans accounted for relatively large Minsheng Bank, the steel trade of non-performing loans, in addition to the requirements ofthe steel trade credit, reorganization, the buyout, write off loans also disposal of risk measures. At the end of 2013, the steel trade balance than the beginning of the year declined by more than 10%.

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