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Iron excess unwelcome and "addition and subtraction"

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Recently, a large iron and steel enterprises responsible person said, the entire steel industry faces a hitherto unknown difficulties, all in do not suffer "like"situation, even promoting the transformation and upgrading, also hard to be supported.

The person in charge to reflect the situation of concern. The market price of steelfell sharply in recent years, the economic slump. Iron and Steel Industry Association statistics, the first quarter of this year, key statistics and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises loss of more than 2300000000 yuan, the cumulative loss of more than 45%, and the inventory is still substantial growth, 3 at the end of the social stock than at the beginning of the year has increased 4 more. Many enterprises also reflect on the steel industry, financial institutions, strict credit policy, reduce thecredit scale, increase lending rates, more make the production and business operation difficult. According to estimates, the 1 quarter of this year the financial cost of iron and steel enterprises grew 22.17%, sharply rising trend.

In fact, not only the iron and steel industry, excess industry capacity of the day is not easy. Since this year, China's industrial slow stabilised, steadily push forwardstructural adjustment, but some of the high energy consumption, high emission industries because of market demand and the serious oversupply of production capacity, capacity utilization continued to decline, operating difficulties increase, or even industry wide losses. The latest figures from the National Bureau of statisticsshow, the total profit this year 1 to April above scale non-ferrous metal smelting androlling processing industry and the main profit fell 5.9%, 10.5%, respectively.According to statistics, at present our country cement, electrolytic aluminum, plate glass, the capacity utilization rate was less than 80%, only about 70% of the individual.

In the face of the grim situation, many enterprises rack sth. fall this synergism, evento invest in stocks, make financial management, and engaged in farming, the expansion of non main industry income, but have little effect. Taking into account the external demand of short-term difficult to pick up, domestic demand is subject tocool the property market was hard to a big improvement, cost pressures continued to increase, industry overcapacity by yourself out of the current predicament is really not easy.

Excess capacity gradually exit and the survival of the fittest is represent the general trend, but also need a smooth transition. Because it not only relates to many traditional industries, but also relates to the wind power equipment, polysilicon and many other emerging industries, but tens of thousands of jobs, if there is no real attention and effective measures, is easy to appear a series of problems in factory closures, lay offs, bank non-performing assets increase, reform development and stability.

The difficulty of practical concern industry overcapacity, a pressing matter of the moment is to "closing" and "timely assistance". On the one hand, should strictlycontrol the blind expansion of industries and repeated construction of excess capacity, can not meet the throes adjust, "open hole", as its scale, shop booth,intensified market competition, let the achievements of all one's efforts wasted. On the other hand, also can't take control of "simple", "mechanical", to control theincrement and stock combination optimization, accelerate the elimination of andpromote the development of combined. For the merger and reorganization of enterprises, transfer capacity, rely on technological progress, optimize the inventory adjustment of product structure and practice, not only to encourage, but also to actively guide, through the relevant policies on the development of exitenterprise support, guide enterprises to do "subtraction" quantity and quality"addition", to enhance the core competitiveness. Financial institutions should adhere to "maintain control", both to prevent the inflow of funds into the backward production capacity, but also in time to meet the industrial development policy,product market enterprises to credit support. At the same time, we should strengthen the dynamic monitoring of overcapacity industry, improve aid mechanism, guiding the placement of workers, increase the "burden" efforts,minimize the loss of the enterprise reduce exit, adjustment of the shock.

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