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Analysis of the next 10 years China's metallurgy of iron and steel industry will give priority to .

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To the dean Chinese Engineering Institute, puts forward 3 days, the next 10 years,Chinese should give priority to the development and the key breakthrough of 10 key industries, including electronic communication, aviation, aerospace, marine, rail transportation, power generation and transmission, iron and steel metallurgy,petroleum chemical industry, household appliances, automobiles, coordinated and sustainable development of the industry to support the economic and social development.

Jointly organized by UNESCO, the Council of the International Academy of engineering and technology and China Academy of engineering, the theme of "engineering technology and the future of mankind" 2014 International EngineeringTechnology Conference held the same day the report in Beijing Great Hall of the people, said to do "engineering science technology and Chinese modernization"keynote report.

He thinks that, from a global perspective, a new round of industrial revolution is deepening, it is the integration of information technology and manufacturing depth,is the manufacturing of digital intelligent network as the core technology, while thetechnology process integration, new energy, new materials, biotechnology and other aspects of the broken and triggered a new round of industry change, will exert a fundamental influence on the human economic activities and social life.

"A new round of industrial revolution and the transformation of the mode of economic development Chinese forming the historic meeting, the Chinesemodernization is a great challenge, but also great opportunities". At present,Chinese by mastering the key technology of a new round of industrial revolution,relying on Engineering Science and technology innovation, give full play to its advantages, catch up with the advanced level of developed countries in a relatively short period of time, will greatly speed up the China industrial modernization.

Zhou said, engineering technology directly to the same industry development together scientific discovery, becoming the main driving force of economic and social development Chinese. "We should deepen the reform of system of science and technology, science and technology and the economy closely, hold the engineering technology innovation project industrialization the key, around the industrial chain deployment innovation chain, around the innovation chain to perfect the capital chain, the innovation achievement as soon as possible to complete the project and market oriented industry, the real into practical productive forces".

Engineering and technical talent is the creator of engineering technology, also the backbone of national economic construction. Since the reform and opening up, with the implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country's rapid development,China engineering education each year, engineers, agronomists, doctor 3500000 people, the number of engineering and technical staff has more than 40000000 people, this is a solid foundation China technology progress and social development. He said, "we should further strengthen engineering education and continuing education, training a large number of top-notch innovative talents,cultivation of engineering and technological personnel tens of millions, hundreds of millions of skilled personnel training project".

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